The Taste of Heritage Project

The Lantern Project is an initiative aiming to improve the quality of life of older Australians through the joy of good food.

When thinking of what good food means, many of us think back to our favourite childhood meal shared with family. Gran’s roast, mum’s pudding, pop’s marmalade jam. Recipes share not only great flavours and ingredients, they trigger memories, ignite conversations and pass on legacy and tradition to younger generations.


During this time of social isolation with COVID-19 we have started an initiative the "Taste of Heritage Project" to combat loneliness, tackle ageism and connect generations in a meaningful way.

To take part we are asking our children and adults across the country to connect with our elders to capture, record and share their family's treasured recipes.

A recipe will be shared monthly via Social Media to highlight this initiative and the power of food and inter-generational engagement.

In addition, The Lantern Project have partnered with CBORD software to enable a collection of these recipes to become part of a national database, which will allow aged care homes to access and incorporate into their menus.

How to get involved

It’s simple….

Individuals, families, schools and aged care homes can get involved.


  • Start a conversation (in person, via phone or video calling) with an elder in your community and record the following type of information either directly into the online form or using this printed PDF (to enter online later):
    • Recipe name
    • Recipe
    • Story, anecdote or memory around the recipe
    • Picture of food and/or picture of grandparent/grandchild talking or submitting the recipe
    • Optional activity -
      • Primary school student: record them reading out the recipe
      • Upper primary school student: cook the food with an adult and report back around the experience.
      • Senior school student: create a video preparing a recipe and sharing the story behind it (see Stella's example below)


  • Share this project with friends and family

Schools/aged care homes:

  • Register your interest here if you would like us to connect you to a partner school or aged care home.
  • Incorporate this project into your current activities getting participants to use the online form or using this printed PDF (to enter online later).
  • Promote the project at your school or aged care home – providing this webpage link for individuals to participate.


*NB - All submissions have the potential to feature in a monthly spotlight on Social Media; be published in a recipe book at the end of 2020; feature in a 2021 calendar; and be included in a National Aged Care Recipe database. By completing the online form, you consent to the terms outlined here.

Share your recipe here


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