Marsha Graham

I have my own boutique communications freelance business on the Gold Coast.  I have many years of varied experience in communications, marketing, IT and business development across a range of industries including radio, television, education, security, facilities management and now primary health care.  I am passionate about using digital technologies in conjunction with traditional communications techniques to support engagement and collaboration; for community empowerment and to improve customer, client and stakeholder relationships.

Why am I involved in The Lantern Project?

I first met Cherie a couple of years ago through work in her capacity as one of our Allied Health Advisory Group members.  It's hard not to be swept away by her contagious enthusiasm for this fabulous project but truth be told she didn't have to do much convincing when she mentioned to me what she was hoping to achieve.

My father passed away in 2005 at the age of 58.  An upholsterer by trade he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in his late forties and was forced to retire young.  As the disease took over his body (and with mixed feelings not his mind) he was given a PEG feeding tube.  Was it a good thing by then that he had lost his sense of taste?  I'm not and cooking, and sharing food and cooking was always a passion of Dad's.  Whether it was damper or roast in a camp oven, dinner at home or kilos of onions for an Apex BBQ; though I wasn't too much a fan of the occasional offal my brother and I would find in the fridge after school and ponder if it was corned meat (we usually erred on the side of caution BTW).

Dad was fortunate to have been well cared for at the Aged Care facility that he resided in at the time of his passing but even years later when my grandparents moved into the same home, it seemed such a shame that they didn't have the chance to continue to enjoy preparing food while they were able to.  All our lives and many of life's most momentous and meaningful celebrations revolve around food - why should that stop when there is much joy and so many benefits to maintaining the healthiest interest in food that we can for as long as we can.

I hope I can contribute to the achievement of the objectives of The Lantern Project by using my skills and experience in communications to assist this amazing group of passionate people share their learnings and help profile and showcase the great work being done.

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Marsha Graham

Marsha Graham

Communications Coordinator at Clicks and Mortar Communications
Marsha has her own boutique communications consultancy on the Gold Coast. She is an experienced communications, marketing and IT all-rounder who is passionate about using digital technologies in conjunction with traditional techniques to support community engagement and collaboration.