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I’m a dietitian and my passion is seeing my aged care residents well nourished and excited about eating. Sadly, I don’t see this often enough and for this reason, I started the Lantern Project. The concept was bigger than me so I decided it needed a larger than life team of experts to make it a reality – amazingly everyone I approached jumped on board with enthusiasm – it was meant to be.

Why is the project called the Lantern?

I believe we need to shine the light on the issue of food in aged care using good old fashioned fresh, local produce, utilising the wisdom of our older residents (some have been cooking for well over 80 years) and do this in a collaborative way. The lantern shines in all directions, I believe to come up with solutions we need to draw on the wisdom of as diverse a population of experts associated with aged care to develop novel ways to improve our resident’s lives through great food.

My contribution to this process is my experience as a dietitian -

  • Private practice – Director of My Nutrition Clinic.  14 years in private practice – 3 clinic locations and dietitian team consulting to over 15 RACFs in QLD and NSW directly and others further afield via e-consults.
  • Clinical – Sole dietitian for John Flynn Private Hospital for 10 years and Pindara Private Hospital for over 2 years.
  • Media – over 650 nutrition columns published in newspapers (Gold Coast Bulletin), magazines (Healthy Food Guide, Fitness magazines) in addition to regular aged care newsletter articles and occasional talkback radio and television.
  • Advisory – Dietitian advisor for the Medicare Local Allied Health Advisory Group and the allied health advisor for the Medicare Local Lead Clinician’s Group.
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Cherie Hugo

Cherie Hugo

Dietitian and Principal at My Nutrition Clinic
Cherie Hugo

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